Whether you are in a large corporate company or small family business your clients and staff are important to you. If it wasn’t for our clients we would not be in business. If it wasn’t for our staff we would not have a business and this is no different to any other company.

Showing your clients how important they are to you and showing them your appreciation for their custom is paramount at the moment, as current economical climates are struggling. Equally so, our businesses are only as good as the staff in them. Well trained, managed and motivated team members are paramount in the current climate. An enthusiastic member of staff that is appreciated will perform so much better than one that isn’t praised for that job well done. To show your appreciation, as a special thank you for a large order or a job well done, we at Glenholme Florists can individually design that important gift in your corporate colours and coincide it with your spending capability

Our stunning welcome flowers on reception desks and foyers are renowned for their positive impact. As your clients enter your premises they are instantly greeted and given the feel-good factor in a way that only flowers can. For a press conference, day at the races or formal board meeting, contact our corporate account manager to discuss a suitable package. You always remember who gave you flowers.
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